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R for RE-EDITION is a dedication to the people who have cared for the brand from the beginning of the Letter Project where we started from alphabet B, up to alphabet R now. Best-selling items from the previous collections and iconic looks which has been imprinted to many people as the brand’s image are now reinterpreted in this collection. You will be glad to see the designs if you have been keeping an eye on the brand’s journey, some of them you may have missed the chance to get at the time. We also wanted to ruminate over the brand’s heritage and reflect our recent concerns for sustainability. Our goal through R for RE-EDITION is to make full use of the remaining materials in stock after season to reinterpret the beloved styles of EENK, and we hope the collection continues to go on along the journey in the days to come.

We are proud to introduce the assemblage of the timeless value in EENK, R for RE-EDITION. 

Director  LEE HYE MEE

Photographer  LEE SOO HWAN


Hair / Make-up Stylist  YANG AH REUM


Casting Director  ESTER KIM