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SPRING/SUMMER 2021, S for Somewhere

For the spring and summer season of 2021, EENK takes us to a dreamy destination with its new Letter Project collection, ‘S for Somewhere’. The collection conjures up images of transcendental bliss and forgotten dreams of another time and another place. A hint of nostalgia is here for the sophisticated yet subversive modernity of 90’s high society. Elegant, impeccable silhouettes and sublime texture via handcrafted knots, embroidery and delicate chains remind us of luxurious journeys to unknown worlds and the carefree times of before, which seem like a distant dream now. Or perhaps, dreams of the times ahead of us.


Director  LEE HYE MEE

Photographer  MARILI ANDRE



Make-up Artist  ANTHONY PREEL


Casting Director  SUUN CONSULTANCY

Production  KITTEN

Production Coordinator ELISA SCHNEUWLY

KR Production Team  Future Society Showroom

Lookbook Design  LEE SUN YOUNG